Building successful a TECH companies with the possibility of competing locally and globally and according to the Vision 2030 through the digital transformation. LOGSTIAT is the first Saudi company to manage all of these these services.

Logistic Services

In LOGSTIAT, we can build logistics technology companies with confidence and professionalism, LOGSTIAT save your time & the cost of searching for any external service provider locally or globally. All in one Services


Serving the logistics sector in the right way to understand and work on the professional logistics standards and develop business in a professional manner, as well as building a special technology for each logistics companies ........
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What do we offer?

According to our experiences in the Saudi market, 90% or more of startups fail in the logistical fields for many reasons, such as not calculating the daily, monthly and annual expenses in a correct way. also Alternative plans are not made in case that all plans fails, and the main reason is It is the lack of professionalism and high experience in Logistic sector.

Relying on temporary clients, and as soon as they leave the contract, the merchant finds himself in trouble and unable to continue in Logistic field, LOGSTIAT will not let you fall into this type of mistakes, as we will create a very clear plan for you to be one of the strongest companies in Logestic field.

About Us

A experts group of technology and logistic whose experience extends for more than twenty years in Logistic fields, most of them worked in biggest international and consulting companies, An great team that provides the best solutions, according to the budgeting and vision of each company, whether it is startup or currently existing in the market, as we will provide to these companies with all the technology and logistical solutions they need with the highest standards.

We have actually built many strong companies, consulting for logistics companies or building fully tech solutions that are wholly owned by them, as we increase the valuation of the company’s assets based on technology. Our team also provides a Tech team for each company to work with and Under their control .

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Your requirements are carefully studied and translated logistically and technically.


The plans are presented in detail to the Management


The duration of the project is determined with adherence to deadlines for each stage


We will start implementing the plans and scheduled with each department.


The results achieved during the transition period are presented and reviewed in detail

Project Delivered

Deliver the project to the Management after performing all the tasks that have been agreed upon.
Happy customers
Current Projects
Years of Experience
Complete Projects
Our Services

LOGSTIAT provides many Tech logistics services that will help you in your field.

Develop Logistics Technology l B2C l B2B

LOGSTIAT will Develop and Manage the requirements of your logistic based on your business model with amazing features....
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Structuring Fulfillment Compainese l B2C l B2B

Establishing your company in the appropriate and recognized way that matches your business plans for B2C & B2B.
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Structuring Last Mile Compainese l B2C l B2B

LOGSTIAT All you need for operation, financial and administrative plans to start your own logistics project in the correct way..
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Startups and Acquisitions

LOGSTIAT studies your project to be acquired by competing or complementary companies in the local or global market. will let you know how you can increase your valuation.
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Training and Hiring

LOGSTIAT trains your staff on the Terms, Policy & high Logistic standard to be professional in logistics sector, as well as hires experts to manage your company.
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Establishing logistics technology companies l B2B l B2C

We establish your logistics technology company from scratch and with the highest required professional standards.
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Warehouses Organization

To start properly, your warehouse infrastructure must be fully prepared.. and the more and more spaces you exploit, the more you can increase your income and sales.
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Fulfillment Consulting l B2C l

Running a successful e-commerce business means getting things right from the first click, right up to the customer's door. LOGSTIAT helps you with all required tools.
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Last Mile Consulting

LOGSTIAT Working with well-known brands, we know the key challenges you face now, from strategy, operations to KPIs, and we have all solutions for your operations
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LOGSTIAT Technology

API With Shipping companies

Our systems are integrated and linked with more than 50 shipping companies in the GCC and the Middle East

API With E-commerce platforms.

LOGSTIAT technology is Integrated with most local and international e-commerce platforms


Logstiat applications designed with the highest standards for B2B - B2C delivery and WMS systems


Our technology hosted by AWS, Oracle & Alibaba


We build a team for development and programming under your management.

Logistic Software

We build a logical Technology for your company with unlimited number of orders

Technology Plan

We provide to you fully business plan for any future requirements which matching local and global market.
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