Supply Chain and Logistics Management Consultants that actually deliver results! It’s true. At Logistics Bureau we consistently deliver the agreed project outcomes!

The LOGSTIT team fully studies your technical needs and the specific structure & process in company, and then LOGSTIAT will translates the plan as a special technology for the company.

Specialized in programming and designing logistics systems according to the company’s structure and requirements

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Operations team structure

We will study the current company’s team and develop it in the right way to assume responsibilities in the right way. We will also structure Terms & Policy and implement KPI’s for each department.

We will have a professional team to manage all of the company requirements. 

Sales & Finance

LOGTIAT team will start study the sales team such as targeting, approaching the clients, also we will check all the tools like technology and how the sales team can manage the records. 

We will provide the best plans to help you for increase your sales and how the team reporting each and everything to understand 100% the plan of sales.

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Social Media logstiat

Social Media

The LOGSTIAT team will study the current situation of the company and how to display the services through website and social media channels, as well as how to introduce and publicize its services in the right way.

Our goal is to make your company’s name and services known for everyone in to all channels.

Additional Services

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Annual Plans


Orientation & Training

Company Valuation


Tasks of each department/employee


Flexible strategies in logistics consulting Modular systems is our key for maximum flexibility. They allow you to react to evolving business demands at the drop of a hat and dynamically adjust your capacities as material throughput increases

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