Supply Chain and Logistics Management Consultants that actually deliver results! It’s true. At Logistics Bureau we consistently deliver the agreed project outcomes!

The LOGSTIT team fully studies your technical needs and the specific structure & process in company, and then LOGSTIAT will translates the plan as a special technology for the company.

Specialized in programming and designing logistics systems according to the company’s structure and requirements

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logstiat opreations

Integration with E-commerce platforms

LOGSTIAT team will API Integrations with all the popular e-commerce platforms so that you can work with them with one click.

The most famous platforms are Shopify, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Salla,Zid.


API With shipping companies

A LOGSTIAT team will API Integration with all logistics systems with all companies authorized to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as our team has an updated database of the best and latest Last Mile companies.

This will help you to choose the best local or international shipping companies automatically to grow your business and provide better services.

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A LOGSTIAT team will design your own applications, whether in the field of parcel transportation or in the field of Fulfillment B2C.

Also, to implement all your ideas or needs for more than 3 applications for each logistic field that is being worked on.

Servers and Databases

All our work is on secure global servers recognized by the CITC and other concerned authorities. We configure the systems 100% to be commensurate with the requirements of all authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We prepare the databases to be ready to receive thousands of requests on a daily basis without any issue. Specialists in the field of technology, data organization and management.

logsteiat tech

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Tech Team

LOGSTIAT team will prepare an complete tech team to work under your leadership and to help you implement your ideas, whatever they are, a Tech team trained in logistics systems.

LOGSTIAT team will help you and train your team to work on your technologies.

Additional Services

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Flexible strategies in logistics consulting Modular systems is our key for maximum flexibility. They allow you to react to evolving business demands at the drop of a hat and dynamically adjust your capacities as material throughput increases

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