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What does start-up mean? Startups or Start Ups as they are called globally now are newly established companies by a person or a group of people. This group of people could be friends. The idea of the startup is to provide new services to the community and the market or any business that is commensurate with its nature and is established with the size of capital. Small, able to enter to the investment market to search for the development of the size of her business by merging large companies

Mergers and acquisitions

Merger and acquisition are both common operations in the investment market that are similar to each other, but there is a slight difference between them.It is when a company merges with another company in exchange for shares or shares between the two companies. As for acquisition, or when a company buys shares or shares of another company for money.

Many benefits of mergers and acquisitions

Increasing financial capacity and productive efficiency, improving the quality of production and services provided to society and the investment market, increasing competition between companies and what allows startups to enter the large investment market with large companies, obtaining financing from banks and financing agencies as a result of mergers and acquisitions from large companies, which helps to economic growth and the development the services in the investment market.


Flexible strategies in logistics consulting Modular systems is our key for maximum flexibility. They allow you to react to evolving business demands at the drop of a hat and dynamically adjust your capacities as material throughput increases

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